Teeth Straightening Before and After: Expectations vs Reality

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, many of us often find something that we’d like to change about ourselves.  Those changes might involve losing weight, changing our hairstyle or improving our smile.  Here at Orthodontics For You, we meet with patients every day who are looking to change or enhance the way they look with teeth straightening Birmingham Solutions.  Some patients simply want straighter teeth, others want to enhance their look to boost confidence, and some seek braces to improve dental function and oral hygiene – it’s not always about aesthetics, you know?  Plus, it may come as a surprise to some people but there is now more than one option for teeth straightening with dental braces.  In fact, here at Orthodontics For You we provide modern metal, ceramic, Invisalign, hidden lingual, SureSmile and QuickSmile braces – that’s an impressive variety to choose from, wouldn’t you agree?  (Want to know more?  Just click this link to read our blog for everything you need to know about the different types of teeth braces for adults).

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, you probably have a lot of questions.  When we think about braces, many of us think about a mouth full of metal or having to miss out on our favourite food for years, but the truth is there are a lot of myths about braces and it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. So let us put your mind at ease with what to expect when it comes to teeth straightening before and after.


Are braces comfortable?

Modern fixed braces are typically made up of brackets, wires and (occasionally) bands, whereas Invisalign orthodontics resemble a retainer made from a strong and transparent material to withstand any bending or cracking.  But regardless of whether you have a fixed brace or a clear aligner, thanks to ample progress in the field of orthodontics, orthodontic treatment is now much more comfortable than ever before because the materials that are used are smaller and smoother meaning they lie flatter across the teeth causing minimal (if any) friction or irritation to the mouth, cheeks and tongue.  So if you were putting off brace treatment because you expected it to be painful, we’re guessing this information is a welcomed surprise?


How long will I need to wear braces for?

Prospective patients often think they’ll need to wear a brace for a long (long!!!) time which can be off-putting as they fear it will negatively impact their lifestyle, but the reality is that braces aren’t the life sentence you think.  Although all patient treatment plans are totally bespoke and their requirements and duration varies, generally speaking braces are fitted and removed within 9 – 18 months… A short period of time in your life, wouldn’t you agree?  Not convinced?  It is worth remembering that you’re investing in your smile for life and whilst we understand you might not particularly want a brace, you do want straight teeth.


Do I need to give up my favourite foods during treatment?

Similar to having undergone teeth whitening in Birmingham, it is true there are some foods you should try to avoid while wearing braces. However, the list of foods is actually quite small. It probably goes without saying, but crunchy, chewy and sticky foods such as caramels, toffees, chewing gum and nuts should be avoided while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment as there is a risk they will damage your braces. But, considering your duration of oral treatment may not be as long as you initially thought, the length of time you have to miss out on hard, sugary foods is reduced too… bonus!

Whilst wearing your brace, our Orthodontists recommend you brush your teeth in the morning and at night, plus after every meal too in order to remove any food that might have got stuck in your brace and to combat sugar and plaque build up.  Frequent brushing will help to keep your teeth healthy and your brace in tip-top condition (you can buy mini travel tooth care kits online for when you’re on the go)!


Will braces affect my speech?

When we meet new patients at their consultation appointment, many often expect their speech to be affected once their brace or clear aligner is fitted.  If this is something you are also concerned about then let us put your mind at ease…

We mentioned earlier that modern braces are smaller, smoother and lie flatter against your teeth; Because of their discreet set up and function, they also have minimal impact on your speech.  That’s got to be a weight off your mind, eh?

When you have your brace fitted it may feel very bizarre and you might need a little adjustment period (very few patients develop a slight lisp during the first few days), but rest assured this will soon pass and you’ll be talking, eating, humming and even singing just as you were before your treatment began.


How will braces impact my current lifestyle?

Braces are more discreet, comfortable and customisable than the traditional metal ‘‘train track’’ brace meaning they won’t disrupt the lifestyle of a busy, sociable and working adult – you can have all the benefits of teeth straightening without a prominent change to your appearance, eating habits or hobbies.  In fact, every year more and more adults opt to undergo orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of their smile in order to help themselves feel more confident; In a study by Invisalign, it was concluded that 60% of people felt happier, more attractive, more successful and ultimately more confident with straighter teeth, directly correlating to success in school, home and professional life.

Often thought of as expensive (or just for teenagers), braces have developed over the years giving us numerous orthodontic options to help improve the appearance of our smile without impacting our lifestyle.  The patients who walk through our practice doors all have one thing in common – they’re eager to embark on their journey to a new smile!  Their reasoning often varies, but they have one goal in mind… beautifully straight teeth.  If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, but are battling through the many myths about braces or perhaps you have questions about what brace type is best for you, your smile and your way of living, get in touch today or register for your complimentary and no obligation consultation (either virtually or at our practices in Solihull or Bromsgrove).  Consultation appointments are a fantastic opportunity to discuss brace types, affordability and, most importantly, to manage expectations by way of explaining and demonstrating how each brace system will look, function and how, if at all, it will impact your lifestyle.  From the hundreds and hundreds of consultation appointments held at our practices, it is always a joy to see the relief on a patients face when they understand the differences of teeth straightening before and after treatment.  So what are you waiting for?  Start your journey to a new smile today with Orthodontics For You.


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