Everything You Need to Know about Adult Ceramic Braces

Many people wear braces to straighten their teeth and correct a jaw alignment, typically in their teenage years.  That being said, more and more adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment and ceramic braces are a popular choice for Orthodontic For You patients aged 18 and over.

Ceramic braces aren’t as easy to spot as the traditional metal brace, helping patients feel less self-conscious about their smile whilst undergoing treatment.  If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, here’s everything you need to know about ceramic braces:

What are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, but they use clear or tooth-coloured brackets instead of grey or silver brackets.  The brackets are also smoother with rounded edges meaning they lie flatter against your teeth making them more comfortable, less bulky and less noticeable.

Before, During and After

Before fitting your brace, your orthodontist will need to access the health and general condition of your teeth.  Generally speaking, providing all of your adult teeth have come through and you have good oral health, you can have a ceramic brace fitted to correct a misalignment of your teeth and/or jaw.

Made of clear ceramic blocks and a thin metal wire (which can be coloured to blend with your teeth), ceramic braces are fitted to the front surface of your teeth.

Fitting a ceramic brace is a relatively straightforward procedure, taking no more than around one hour (half an hour for each arch/row of teeth) – and it’s pain free!

Your dentist will apply a formulated paste to your teeth before washing them.  Once your teeth have been cleaned and dried, the ceramic bracket will be ”glued” onto the front surface of your teeth with a metal wire running through each bracket, helping to hold the brace in place.

Ceramic braces work by gently re-positioning the teeth to the corrected position – it’s a simple, steady process, but it is incredibly effective for patients with crooked or misaligned teeth.

Your ceramic brace will be unique to you, individually designed to fit your mouth and depending on your individual treatment plan, you’ll wear your brace for approximately 12 – 18 months before having it removed.  During this time, you will need to visit your orthodontist every 6 weeks so they can monitor the progress of your teeth and adjust the brace to ensure it continues to exert the right amount of pressure and move your teeth to their new position.

The removal of a ceramic brace is simple, taking around 15 minutes to take off the wire, brackets and bonding glue, leaving you with a beautiful smile and shiny white teeth.

Aftercare for Ceramic Braces

Once your brace is removed, your dentist may fit a retainer to help keep your teeth in their new position after treatment.  Some patients are required to wear their retainer for a set period of time both during the day and whilst sleeping, others just need to wear retainers at night – your orthodontist will explain what is best for you.

It’s no secret that maintaining good oral hygiene is essential; during treatment it is recommended that patients brush their teeth after every meal and avoid sugary drinks and crunchy/chewy foods that could damage the brace.  And after treatment, patients are advised to continue brushing their teeth twice a day and floss at least once in order to keep their teeth clean and remove any food debris that may have got stuck in their mouths.

Why do Adults choose Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces offer a perfect compromise between metal and lingual braces; they work in the same way that traditional metal braces do, but are far less visible and they’re not as expensive as lingual braces.

For so long braces have been associated with cliché teenagers or clumsy characters in TV shows, putting a lot of people off having treatment, but times have changed and progress in the field of orthodontics has given us a multitude of options, and ceramic braces are a proven, popular choice for adults.

If you’re interested in starting your own journey to a straighter smile with ceramic braces, get in touch with us today or register here for your free consultation.


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