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As a leading orthodontist in Bromsgrove, we are all too familiar with the common suffering patients experience with crooked teeth. People do their best to avoid smiling due to feelings of embarrassment from misaligned teeth, and they feel self-conscious when they open their mouths to eat, talk and laugh.

An initial obvious problem with crooked teeth is how they look, but from a dentist’s point of view, it is also important to note that when teeth are misaligned and overlapping, they are more challenging to clean which can lead to infections, gum disease and potentially tooth loss. At Orthodontics For You, we are proud to have helped many people in the Bromsgrove area alter the appearance of their teeth and bring their smiles back to life in some truly stunning transformations.

The use of orthodontic therapy to assist your teeth in becoming straighter and more even in appearance has several positive effects on your overall health and wellbeing.

Teeth Straightening in Bromsgrove

If you want to find out more about your options for teeth straightening with specialist orthodontist practices, contact us today to book a free consultation and improve your oral health.

Discover our full range of services online to get an idea of the range of quality orthodontic treatments available at Orthodontics For You.

Invisalign clear braces

Invisalign® Invisible Braces are gaining popularity among patients of all ages due to their near-invisibility compared to traditional metal braces. They are created by scanning your mouth with iTERO technology for a custom fit. The clear aligners are changed biweekly and must be worn for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours per day to achieve optimal effect.

Incognito braces

Incognito Lingual Braces are a combination of brackets and wires that are meant to straighten your teeth from the rear side alone, ensuring that no one notices you’re wearing braces. They are completely customised for each tooth, ensuring your comfort and maximising treatment efficiency.

Metal braces

Metal braces are frequently used to correct common disorders such as jaw misalignment, tooth misalignment and bite difficulties. Adults often choose transparent alternatives. However, metal braces may be the most effective solution in some cases. For optimal results, metal brackets are adjusted every six to eight weeks and worn for approximately 24 months.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic Braces are similar to regular metal braces, except they are smaller and tooth-coloured for a more discreet orthodontic option. They can be worn with translucent rubber bands or with coloured bands, depending on your preference. Ceramic braces are usually worn from 12 to 18 months and adjusted every six weeks.


SureSmile braces are available as a conventional brace, a lingual brace or even a transparent aligner, employing cutting-edge technology to reposition teeth to expose the perfect Hollywood smile gradually. SureSmile manufactures bespoke wires or aligners for your teeth using 3D imaging, treatment planning software and the accuracy of sophisticated robots.

This cutting-edge kind of orthodontic treatment is offered exclusively through a select group of trained SureSmile experts, of which we are included.


Quiksmile gives proven results that can be visible in weeks or months. An alternative to complete braces if only the front six or eight teeth need to be straightened. This might be on either the top or bottom arch. During your initial appointment, your orthodontist will determine if Quiksmile is right for you.

Quiksmile is a segmental brace that straightens a few teeth rather than every tooth. Depending on your budget and desired level of discreteness, this brace can be fitted with standard metal, ceramic or incognito braces. Generally, the more discrete the bracing system, the more costly it is. QuikSmile may just be your ideal solution for an economical alternative to a more discrete brace system.

Quality Orthodontic Treatments at Orthodontics For You

As well as various teeth straightening treatments performed in our two specialist orthodontic practices, our patient-focused team offer a caring and sympathetic approach to your orthodontic problems to help you feel confident about the process ahead of you.

In addition to this type of dentistry, our dentists offer a comprehensive service that extends beyond braces in Bromsgrove.

Advice and Support

Misaligned teeth can cause many oral problems such as bad breath, increased plaque levels causing gum disease, tooth decay and sudden tooth pain. We offer a range of advice and support to assist you in maintaining the best oral hygiene possible before, during and after your treatment finishes. Ask our exceptional team how best to care for your teeth to aid your transformation at your appointments.

Emergency Repairs

We understand life doesn’t always go to plan. This includes coming across issues relating to your orthodontics. We advise our patients to avoid removing fixed braces or attempting to do so in the event of an injury or increased pain and discomfort. Instead, we offer emergency appointments allowing you access to our emergency dentist, who can help you rectify the problem as soon as possible.


Once your braces are removed, and your perfect smile has been achieved, you can be proud of the effort you have put in thus far to gain these desired results. Our team at Orthodontics For You Bromsgrove will share this delight with you and work to ensure the effects aren’t reversed.

To do this, we will monitor you closely and use both fixed and removable retainers to support your new changes and enforce the realignment work undertaken by the braces. Regular appointments will monitor the progress for the next 12 months.

Teeth Whitening

Once a patient has completed their treatments, we offer the option to whiten your teeth to complete the transformation. After an initial consultation at your chosen location, the teeth whitening process can be carried out at home without further dentist intervention.

Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Orthodontics For You Bromsgrove is thrilled to announce the introduction of FacesForYou – Facial Aesthetic Treatment from Orthodontics For You.

Providing comprehensive, non-surgical treatments for people seeking to improve and preserve the appearance of their skin is our mission. Because we want our customers to be satisfied and confident in their appearance, our team is dedicated to providing natural-looking results in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Both our Solihull and Bromsgrove practises offer FacesForYou as a complimentary service. We provide complimentary consultations to analyse and advise on your appropriateness for our complete selection of dermal filler, lips augmentation and anti-wrinkle treatments. Contact us now to begin your path to a more youthful and vibrant self.

What Braces Are Right For You?

Many people associate braces with those old fashioned metal train tracks adorning the pearly whites of teens across the world. But in reality, technology has changed so much recently that more modern braces have taken over the market offering young children and adults alike the opportunity to wear more customised and specialist braces that are less invasive and much more discreet. If you are worried about wearing braces for work and how they affect how professional you appear, then worry not. Our near-invisible or clear braces can allow you to get on with your life, confident that your smile is still changing by the day and you are gaining the benefits of quality orthodontic treatments from Orthodontics For You.

Alternatively, if the more discreet options are out of your price range, discuss how cost-effective straightening can still help you achieve your goals. Whatever your thoughts on your teeth, if you are unhappy and affecting your confidence, we are here to help you. All you need to do is get expert help to find the right solution for you.

How Much Do Orthodontic Treatments in Bromsgrove Cost?

We believe that everyone who so desires to have invisible braces or aligners can do so. The impact of crooked teeth can not only affect your physical oral health but your mental health too. For this reason, our multiple locations make it easier than ever to make your appointment for a free consultation with us today. We have a registered office in Bromsgrove and one in Solihull.

Many adults in the UK lose confidence because of the appearance of their teeth, and the use of orthodontics can help you correct this issue quickly and discreetly. We treat all patients with care and aim to provide solutions for your teeth straightening requirements, even for complex cases.

Our in-depth knowledge and skill support our orthodontic treatments; our Practice Principal, Mark Forty, specialises in lingual orthodontics, with over 15 years experience in the field, meaning you benefit from a fully comprehensive service as a patient of Orthodontics For You Bromsgrove. His expertise is further supported by an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable team based across our locations.

Quality orthodontic treatment, follow up care, emergency points and elective treatments can be costly. But we can offer patients a flexible payment schedule that allows you to pay for your treatment in an affordable way to ensure you can complete your treatment without worrying about paying upfront to get started.

Our dedicated patient coordinator can talk you through your options once you have begun the consultation period. To get started, you need to contact us today to start your journey to a brand new smile and increased confidence in your appearance.


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