How do Invisalign braces work?

Invisalign clear aligners are the only removeable teeth straightening solution available on the market today, and they’re also one of our most popular corrective orthodontic options among our adult patients – not to mention they’re the market leader in clear aligners!

The clue is in the name – Invisalign braces are the most advanced clear and ‘‘invisible’’ brace available that will gradually and discreetly move your teeth to create the smile you’ve always waned.  Invisalign clear aligners are suitable for treating slight overcrowding and crooked teeth to more complex straightening issues including bite alignment and gaps between the teeth, but how do they work?  We’re so pleased you asked…

Once your Orthodontist has confirmed you are eligible for Invisalign treatment (at your complimentary consultation with Orthodontics For You), we will create your very own bespoke treatment plan using scans and x-rays of your teeth.  Your Orthodontist will assess the current position of your teeth as well as the desired, corrected position; you will then be issued with a series of transparent aligners (similar to retainers) made from a strong material to withstand any bending or cracking as opposed to traditional brackets and wires that would come with a fixed brace.

You will need to wear each Invisalign clear aligner for a minimum of two weeks before changing to the next aligner within your treatment plan.  Each clear aligner is trimmed to fit your exact gum line, ‘‘hugging’’ each individual tooth and are designed to gently push your teeth into their new position – each aligner is designed to apply slightly more pressure to your teeth than the one before.

Patients who opt for a fixed brace will need to visit our practice several times throughout their treatment as their Orthodontist will need to manually tighten their brace every 6 – 8 weeks but with Invisalign braces, patients are given their set of aligners on the first day of treatment, so when the time comes to moving onto the next aligner in their plan, patients can do so from the comfort of their own home without worrying about regularly taking time out of their busy day to visit our dental practice.

As we mentioned earlier, you will need to wear each Invisalign clear aligner for a minimum of two weeks and for at least 23 hours a day; in order for the treatment to be successful, you should only remove your aligner to eat, drink and brush your teeth, meaning they should be worn while you sleep and throughout the day too.  On average, patients can expect to wear their Invisalign aligners between 6 to 12 months, but treatment times vary and your Orthodontist will confirm the expected duration of your specific treatment at your consultation.

When your treatment comes to an end (when you have worn each clear aligner for the recommended time) your Orthodontist may fit a retainer for you to wear for the next two weeks, just at night, or not at all – it will all depend on the severity of your dental misalignment and the progress of the treatment.

One of the greatest parts of our job is revealing a brand new straight smile and Invisalign clear aligners help us achieve exactly that.  Here are a few reasons why we recommend Invisalign orthodontics to our patients:


  • The aligners are almost invisible, making treatment difficult to notice – perfect for adults.
  • Invisalign braces are more comfortable than fixed braces as there are no wires or brackets rubbing the cheeks or lips.
  • Invisalign aligners are removeable (for eating and brushing) making it easy to keep your teeth and gums clean.
  • The treatment of Invisalign is considered low maintenance and requires minimal visits to your Orthodontist.

That said, there are a few things patients should be aware of when choosing Invisalign as their teeth straightening option:

  1. Because Invisalign braces are removeable, patients must be careful not to lose or damage them, resulting in additional expense and time added to the overall duration of treatment.
  2. Patients must also remember to wear their Invisalign braces exactly as instructed by their Orthodontist (it’s important not to forget about them nor wear them for less time than advised).
  3. Stringent aftercare may be required to protect and maintain the results ie a retainer.


Invisalign treatment is available from £4,000 per arch (per row of teeth – if both arches require treatment then the cost will be higher, but not usually double).  At Orthodontics For You, we want everyone to have the choice to undergo orthodontic treatment which is why we offer both private and NHS treatment services; private patients can spread the cost of their treatment over a period of time by taking advantage of our monthly direct debit payment option.

Your dedicated Patient Co-Ordinator will talk you through your specific needs and related costs after your initial consultation, and we’ll make sure your treatment is tailored to you and the outcome reflects the perfect smile you’re searching for.

We understand that you don’t particularly want to wear braces, but you do want straighter teeth which is why we remind our patients that braces are merely a temporary sacrifice to make.  Our goal is to deliver the smile we know you deserve and to ensure you receive high standards of care, treated by the very best Orthodontists.  There are a number of motivations behind adults seeking orthodontic treatment.  In fact, over 60% of our patient base are adults, but don’t just take our word for it… Back in 2019 75% of Orthodontists had seen an increase in the number of adults wanting braces and 85% of current brace wearers in the UK are in the 26 – 55 age bracket, proving that braces are no longer ‘just for kids.’


If you’re considering orthodontics and think Invisalign clear aligners could be the teeth straightening solution for you, give us a call today or click here to register for your complimentary, no obligation consultation where our Orthodontists can assess your teeth and requirements, before devising a treatment plan as unique as you are.


Or why not carry out your initial consultation from the comfort of your own home with SmileMate – an online dental monitoring platform allowing new patients to register online, submit photos and receive a full report with our recommendations before visiting the practice… It’s ideal for busy people – or COVID-19 lockdowns!


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