Top 6 reasons why adults get braces

We tend to think of braces as something only teenagers wear, but the same treatment is available for adults too.  The numbers of brace-wearers among adults is rising.In fact, 60% of our patients at Orthodontic For You are adults. So what are their motivations?

Adults want straight teeth

It may seem like a painfully obvious point to make but, just like kids, adult patients want straight teeth. In fact, they often want to correct their smiles more than children because they have had to live with the insecurities of crooked teeth for so long.

Many adults feel self-conscious for years and teach themselves all sorts of tricks to hide their crooked teeth – some may even avoid social occasions altogether because they’re unhappy with their smile.

Adults want more confidence

Many of our patients have felt self conscious for years and have got into the habit of not launching into a full smile at all, ensuring they carefully conceal their teeth at all times. But, by wearing braces for a short period of time, you can straighten your teeth, improve the appearance of your smile, benefit from better overall oral health and give yourself the confidence to smile from ear to ear – banishing self-conscious thoughts and feelings.  And with orthodontic options like Invisalign and hidden lingual braces (that sit behind your teeth), more and more adults are seeking subtle, orthodontic treatment than ever before.

Braces are affordable

A new smile needn’t break the bank.  We want everyone to have the choice to undergo orthodontic treatment which is why we offer both private and NHS treatment services.  Private patients can spread the cost of their treatment over a period of time by taking advantage of our payment plans, and we have dedicated Patient Co-Ordinators who talk patients through their specific needs and related costs after their initial consultation.

Braces aren’t forever

While 18 months might seem like an eternity for a sixteen-year-old, it isn’t for somebody who’s 35 or 55.  Braces are a temporary treatment for a forever straight smile and, after just a few months of wearing braces, you can have perfect teeth for life.

There’s more than one option when it comes to braces

If you still think that old-fashioned “train-track” braces are the only orthodontic option available in the 21st Century then you’re in for a big surprise.  There are multiple “invisible braces” on the market and perhaps the most famous of these are Invisalign clear aligners.

Invisalign works by creating a sequence of retainers that slowly move teeth from where they are today to their desired position in just a matter of months.

Hidden lingual braces are another great brace option for patients wanting to move their teeth without anyone even knowing they’re wearing a brace.  Treatment times vary between 12 to 24 months (approximately), but many patients begin to see results after a matter of weeks.

There are even less conspicuous versions of traditional braces out there; adults can now get wire braces with clear or tooth-coloured brackets, that don’t look so obvious, with smoother brackets and more rounded edges that lie flatter against your teeth.

Braces improve dental function and oral hygiene

Crooked teeth provide opportunities for bacteria to become established in your mouth (you can’t clean what you can’t reach) resulting in oral problems like gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

Think braces are just for kids? Think again.

Hidden, clear, coloured, ceramic – conservative or fashionable, at Orthodontics For You, your treatment is as individual as you are.  Whether you’re 9 or 59, our friendly, experienced and approachable consultants have one goal in mind… supporting you on your journey to straighter teeth.


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