5 Things Everyone gets Wrong about Teeth Straightening Kits at Home

In today’s modern world most people have something on their wish list they’d like to change about themselves, typically related to their appearance or lifestyle choices.  For some it may be a new hair colour, others may want to lose weight, and some desire a beautifully straight smile – all of which can be achieved through various options.  For example, you’re more likely to be satisfied with the results of a salon-finished hair colour in terms of coverage and quality as opposed to doing this with a DIY home-kit.  Similarly, many people try changing their diet and exercise routines themselves whereas if they hired a qualified Personal Trainer and/or Nutritionist, they’d no doubt reach their ideal weight and improve their lifestyle in a healthier and perhaps quicker timeframe.  The downside to hiring a professional to help us with these things is that it costs us more money, but if the results are of better quality and longer lasting (and healthier and safer!) then it’s worth it, right?

The world of orthodontics is no different.  There are home teeth straightening kits people can buy which are cheaper than registering with an orthodontic practice. But are the home kits as accurate, cost effective and as safe as professional teeth straightening in Birmingham?  Or might there be a few things everyone gets wrong about home teeth straightening kits?  Let’s find out!

Consultations – A necessity or luxury?

When it comes to orthodontic braces there’s no ‘’one size fits all.’’  That’s because the shape of our mouths, structure of our teeth and alignment of our jaws are all different.  In order to move your teeth and align your jaw effectively, you will need a dental assessment.  With Orthodontics For You, a registered and qualified dental clinic Solihull, we invite all prospective patients for a free, no obligation consultation to assess their oral structure.

Consultations are a fantastic opportunity to discuss brace types, affordability and answer patient questions.  In addition to an initial consultation, patients also receive scheduled appointments throughout their treatment and a follow-up session once their brace has been removed.

Although companies who provide at-home brace treatments tend to have Dentists on their team, you’ll only see them at the impressions* stage, assuming you choose to go in-clinic to complete this part of your treatment.  Without a full consultation, you might not get all of the information and advice you need to execute your treatment successfully and maximise results.  Those who opt for a home teeth straightening kit will also miss out on mid-treatment consultations, an end of treatment follow-up session and the ongoing support of a registered dental professional should they experience any problems. 

*Dental impressions are imprints of your teeth, gums and surrounding oral structures. They’re used to create diagnostic models of your mouth for orthodontic braces, as well as dental restorations, teeth whitening, retainers and mouth guards.

Does this Fit?

Using impressions of the teeth, patients of Orthodontics For You (OFY) receive a custom-made brace regardless of the type of brace they choose.  Our orthodontic braces are unique to each individual so patients can rest assured their OFY brace will fit along their exact gum line comfortably, causing minimal (if any) discomfort.  Plus, with Orthodontics For You there are multiple brace options when it comes to straightening your teeth including metal, ceramic, hidden lingual (Incognito), Invisalign, SureSmile and Quiksmile braces.

The choice for teeth straightening home-kits is far more limited as the only brace type available are aligners.  Typically speaking you’ll be issued with a series of aligners for your home treatment – around 5 or 6 in total and each aligner will be a tighter fit than the one before.

The aligners will be sent to you in the post so you won’t have the option to try them before beginning and committing to your treatment.  As a result, there is a risk that your aligner brace won’t fit your teeth properly and therefore may not work effectively, causing you some pain and upset in return.

It’s all about the money… Or is it?

The biggest attraction of a teeth straightening home kit is the lower cost.  But if your home treatment doesn’t go to plan then you may have to visit an Orthodontist anyway which will incur additional costs further down the line.

With Orthodontics For You, we believe that a new smile needn’t break the bank.  In fact, private patients can spread the cost of their treatment over a period of time by taking advantage of our payment plans.  Plus, our patients have dedicated Patient Co-Ordinators to discuss their specific needs and associated costs.

Dental Damages – A big no, no!

Because there is no guarantee your home-kit aligners will be the perfect fit, there is a greater risk of damage to your teeth, gums and overall oral structure.

But with Orthodontics For You we understand that each patient’s smile is as individual as they are which is why we create bespoke treatment plans specified to their requirements, reducing the risk of potential damage to your teeth or brace.

Partnering with a Specialist

If you’re considering a home teeth straightening kit, it’s important to understand that you won’t have the reassurance of a Specialist Orthodontist on hand to thoroughly assess your teeth and monitor your progress.

But with OFY, we’re right by your side, from the initial consultation to fitting the brace, to dental adjustment appointments and brace removal. By partnering with a specialist, you’ll surely be satisfied with the teeth straightening before and after.

Teeth straightening performed at home without the supervision of a qualified Orthodontist to guide your treatment can potentially cause irreversible damage including tooth damage, tooth loss, gum issues and altered biting patterns.  Consultation appointments, an accurate fit, minimal risk of damages, reassurance from a dental professional and cost effectiveness are usually the top 5 things everyone gets wrong about home teeth straightening kits.

Here at Orthodontics For You, our goal is to deliver the smile we know you deserve and to ensure you receive high standards of care, treated by the very best Orthodontists.  So why not register for your free consultation today and start your journey to a new smile… We’ll give you something to smile about!


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