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Your Treatment Journey

Whether you’re 7 years of age or 77, excited to start on your journey to straighter teeth or a little nervous about what it might entail, knowing what your orthodontic journey may look like will help you to understand the process from start to finish.

 The first step is identifying your likely treatment routes: NHS or Private?

The NHS Journey

There are strict guidelines for determining whether you are eligible for treatment through the National Health Service (NHS).

We use a national rating system called The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) to decide whether an individual qualifies for NHS treatment. It is intended to help people who need specific treatment to improve their dental health.

If you do qualify for the NHS treatment plan, there is typically a 36-48 month waiting period before treatment can start.

Once treatment starts, you’ll be fitted with a standard metal brace and you can expect it to take anywhere between 12 and 24 months to complete.

The Private Patient Journey

Patients who aren’t eligible for NHS treatment, or those who want to ‘jump the queue’ have the option to ‘go private’.

There are a number of private dental treatment options available – as well as finance options to help you spread the cost over the duration of your treatment plan.

A consultation with your orthodontist will give you an idea of your treatment options, costs and different timescales. Private orthodontic treatment offers you a choice of different brace types such as ceramic braces, hidden lingual braces, clear braces or even a discreet fast track brace. Depending on your treatment needs, some braces may be more suitable than others, but your orthodontist will talk you through the best choice for you.

A dedicated patient coordinator will also look at different payment options for you if you decided that you wanted to spread the cost of your treatment plan over a period of time.

It’s never too late to get your smile straight.

We believe orthodontics should be an option for everyone who needs or wants treatment.

That’s why we offer affordable treatment plans with various payment options including interest free.

  • I came to this later in life in my mid-fifties and at a point where I had ‘lost my smile’.

    I’d lived with watching my front teeth cross for some time and had always shied away from getting it sorted not least because of misguided vanity and the uncertainty of what it would involve. Quite simply I didn’t want fixed braces that would be visible to all. But, I knew I wanted it sorted for my own self-confidence and so met with Mark when it became clear that there was a solution that would be invisible to all but me.


    I went with Incognito as it offered me just what I needed in straightening my top teeth but being invisible to all but me.

    I wasn’t disappointed.

    Mark and the team helped me along the way as I had no parents pushing me to do this! Yes there were adjustments I had to make but fixing appointments at a time that suited me, the ability to drop-in at short notice on a couple of occasions to sort my concerns out and a clear target for completing the plan all helped make this straightforward and money well worth spending. In fact, something to really smile about!



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