Why getting braces as an adult doesn’t have to break the bank

We all know what it feels like to want a straighter smile; it builds confidence and makes us feel happier in ourselves.

Whether you’re 7 or 77, our friendly, experienced and approachable consultants have one goal in mind… supporting you on your journey to straighter teeth.

You may feel like you need to straighten your smile for cosmetic reasons, but orthodontic treatment also improves oral health. Braces help the gums fit snug around the teeth, allowing easier cleaning and healthier enamel.  When your gums are healthy, you won’t have to worry about potential tooth loss

What are the long-term benefits of braces?

  1. Oral health;

Braces correct jaw alignment, making it easier to brush and floss each tooth preventing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

Inadequate oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental complications from gum disease and tooth decay, to erosion and infections.  As we get older, it can feel more difficult to ensure that our mouths feel clean and, ultimately, healthy.

  1. Digestion

if you have an overbite or misalignment in your jaw, you’re more likely to swallow larger pieces of food from not chewing correctly.  Breaking down your food into smaller chunks will therefore help your digestion.

  1. Improved comfort

When someone has misaligned teeth, they are more likely to bite their tongue, gums or the insides of their cheeks because both arches don’t sit together correctly. When someone wears braces, the teeth are able to move into a more natural and comfortable position. This not only reduces the likelihood of accidental biting, but it reduces strain on the jaws and the temporomandibular joints.

  1. Improved mental health

Aesthetics aside, braces improve the wearer’s confidence and self-esteem. Many people are unhappy living with uneven or crooked teeth, and it’s common for these people to feel uncomfortable showing their smiles.  Wearing a brace can correct these flaws, helping a once self-conscious individual feel far more confident with their smile.

Seeking orthodontic treatment later in life

While many people believe that only pre-teens and teenagers have braces, adults get braces too. In fact, more than a million adults wear braces, and the trend continues to grow.

In the last few years 75% of UK orthodontists have reported an increase in adult patients.

More and more adults are choosing to invest in their smile later on in life; whether children have left the nest or they now have the financial stability they’ve wanted, generally speaking adults now tend to have more surplus cash available and choose to invest it wisely in their smile… and oral health!

Financing your smile

At Orthodontics For You we want everyone to have the choice to undergo orthodontic treatment which is why private patients can spread the cost of their treatment over a period of time by taking advantage of our monthly direct debit instalments plan.

Your dedicated patient co-ordinator will talk you through your specific needs and related costs after your initial consultation.

Our goal is to deliver the smile we know you deserve and to ensure you receive high standards of care, treated by the very best orthodontists.  We’ll make sure your treatments are tailored to you and that the outcome reflects the perfect smile you were searching for.

It’s not just about the classic metal braces anymore; we offer a range of orthodontic treatment including ceramic braces with clear/tooth-coloured brackets, hidden lingual braces, clear aligners as well as simple ‘quick fix’ options.

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