How to deal with teeth sensitivity after whitening

No two days are the same in our Solihull and Bromsgrove dental practices. We have prospective patients walking through our doors to learn more about the different types of braces, new patients ready to have their metal, ceramic, Incognito, SureSmile or Invisalign brace fitted, and existing patients with appointments to adjust or remove their brace.  But it’s not just about braces here at Orthodontics For You. Did you know that we also provide teeth whitening too? And if you ask “How long does teeth sensitivity last after whitening?” you might be surprised to find it’s not as long as you think.

Polanight teeth whitening is our convenient home whitening solution.  It’s the last step on a patient’s teeth straightening journey and completely optional.  But we do find patients are usually so pleased with the results of their new straight teeth that they want to show them off to their full potential.

Initially, we offer patients an assessment to see if our teeth whitening treatment will work for them– the good news is that most people we treat are suitable.  As part of their whitening treatment, patients have custom-made trays created especially for their teeth with specific reservoirs for each tooth so that the bleaching gel is evenly distributed.  This also prevents the gel from potentially irritating your gums. The trays are worn at night whilst you sleep (so you can expect minimal impact on your lifestyle during treatment), and it can take between 5 and 14 days to lift your teeth to the shade you desire.

Polanight teeth whitening with Orthodontics For You is a safe and simple way to whiten your teeth.  The gel is a pleasing spearmint flavour that is both fresh and long lasting. Plus, it has a unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high-water content to assist in reducing sensitivity (and the formation of plaque and tooth decay is also significantly reduced).


Teeth Sensitivity after Whitening

We’ve touched on this already, but our polanight teeth whitening is made up of soothers, conditioners and high-water content which, altogether, assists in reducing sensitivity.  Most patients aren’t aware that teeth whitening treatment can cause a lot of sensitivity issues to teeth and gums, and it can be extremely uncomfortable.  In fact, there are lots of teeth whitening kits available that can cause severe sensitivity.

However, polanight teeth whitening with Orthodontics For You is different.  The polanight gel cuts off pain sensors to protect the nerves (and nerve endings) in your gums, meaning sensitivity is minimised and you can whiten your teeth comfortably.  Plus, with a uniquely high-water content formula, the polanight has a neutral pH level, helping protect the gums and allowing the gel to release its full whitening capabilities without causing any damage to your teeth.  That’s good news, right?

It’s very common for people to experience sensitivity after using teeth whitening treatment and it is believed to be as a result of “dentinal microtubules.”  These are microscopic channels in our teeth that connect the outer surfaces to the nerves inside your tooth which help you feel sensations when you eat and chew.  When we use teeth whitening products, they can weaken our teeth slightly, and it’s thought this may expose the microtubules in our teeth, causing them to feel much more sensitive to pressure, hot and cold, and other sensations.


Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening – How long will it last?

How long does teeth sensitivity last after whitening? Most people only experience heightened sensitivity for a few days after they complete their whitening treatment.  That said, those who are more prone to teeth sensitivity may experience discomfort for a longer period of time, potentially up to two weeks in some cases. 

It’s worth noting that even if you are prone to sensitivity, you can still seek teeth whitening treatment, but your treatment may be altered slightly.  For example, your teeth whitening treatment may be prolonged intentionally to whiten your teeth at a slower rate by way of reducing feelings of sensitivity, ensuring you’re more comfortable along the way.


Managing Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening Treatment

To combat sensitivity during and after your teeth whitening treatment, you must brush your teeth regularly (twice a day) with a fluoride* toothpaste, which will help strengthen your teeth.  Or you could switch to an anti-sensitivity toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush instead of an electric toothbrush (only during and shortly after treatment), which will be more gentle on your teeth and gums, helping to avoid discomfort.  We also recommend using a fluoride mouthwash after brushing your teeth.

And to keep sensitivity at bay, it’s a good idea to avoid particularly hot or cold foods for a few days after your home teeth whitening treatment comes to an end (they can worsen sensitivity and cause more discomfort). 

If you do experience sensitivity, the good news is that it shouldn’t last long.  As you brush after whitening, the fluoride in your toothpaste helps to restore the minerals lost due to the teeth whitening treatment. This, in turn, strengthens your teeth and eliminates tooth sensitivity.

*Fluoride is recommended by dentists for good oral care as it strengthens tooth enamel, making teeth more resistant to decay.

 Generally speaking, teeth whitening treatments are not permanent.  With polanight teeth whitening from Orthodontics For You, you can expect your treatment to last around 12 months, but this will vary for each patient. Red wine, tea, and coffee can all stain your teeth, so patients who frequently consume these tend to find their treatment doesn’t last as long. 

Here at Orthodontics For You, teeth whitening is simple, affordable, and painless.  We use the latest products and technology to provide brighter smiles with less sensitivity every day.  OFY welcomes both new and existing patients to register for our polanight teeth whitening treatment, and we also offer a ‘top up’ teeth whitening treatment in Birmingham to keep your smile whiter for longer. If you’d like a beaming white smile, get in touch with Orthodontics For You today or simply click here to register for your complimentary consultation.


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