Factors That Affect The Cost Of Metal Braces For Adults

Modern metal braces are an orthodontic treatment that align crooked or overcrowded teeth.  Made from high-grade stainless steel, modern metal braces are very small and thin, and straighten your teeth with brackets and arch wires.  The metal braces are fitted to the front surface of the teeth with bonding ‘‘glue’’ and a thin metal wire runs across each bracket.  The brackets push the teeth into the desired position by the consistent, but gentle pressure of the wire.  For more information on how metal braces work, just click here.

Metal braces are usually the cheapest full brace orthodontic option when it comes to teeth straightening solutions, making them a popular choice among adults searching for the ultimate straight smile. But what factors affect the cost of metal braces, you ask?  Let’s find out…

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Brace type
  3. Bespoke orthodontic treatment plans
  4. Fitting the brace
  5. Location, location, location 
  6. Customisations
  7. Brace care

No.1 – The Initial Consultation

With Orthodontics For You, all of our patients are invited to a complimentary, no obligation consultation with our specialist Orthodontists… that’s right, it’s free!  We love seeing new patients come through our practice doors for their consultation appointments as it is a fantastic opportunity for them to meet us, as a team, for us to assess their teeth including their condition and current (mis)alignment before recommending which brace types could work well for them (we specialise in Metal, Ceramic, Invisalign, Hidden Lingual, SureSmile and QuickSmile braces).  The consultation is also the perfect opportunity for prospective patients to ask us any questions they might have regarding the orthodontic options available to them, the associated costs and the differences & benefits of each brace type.

No.2 – Brace Type

We think you’ll be pleased to know that metal braces for adults are our most inexpensive orthodontic option.  Typically recommended for patients with moderate to severely misaligned teeth, metal braces are a great choice for dental straightening – and the cheapest choice too.  But don’t worry, just because the cost of metal braces is not as expensive as our other orthodontics options, does not mean they are any less effective.  Plus, thanks to progress in the field of orthodontics, modern metal braces are now smaller than ever before, and more comfortable too with super strong adhesives!

No.3 – Bespoke Orthodontic Treatment Plans

With Orthodontics For You, after your initial consultation (which is free, remember) it is up to our patients to decide which of our recommended brace types they are going to choose for themselves.  Once decided, our specialist Orthodontists will work behind the scenes to create a treatment plan that is as unique as they, including:

  • The chosen brace type.
  • The design/fit of the brace (we’ll make sure your treatment is tailored to you and the outcome reflects the ultimate smile you’ve been searching for).
  • Fitting the brace (when and by who?).
  • The duration of time needed to wear the brace (this varies per patient, but it can take up to 18 months depending on the severity of the misalignment).  
  • Adjusting the brace (this will require an appointment with your Orthodontist, typically every 6 – 8 weeks).
  • Care (what foods & drinks to avoid and brushing & flossing routines), and aftercare (some patients will be required to wear a retainer).

No.4 – Fitting the Brace

At Orthodontics For You our goal is to deliver the smile we know our patients deserve and to ensure they receive high standards of care, treated by the very best Orthodontists.
Typically our Practice Principle, Mark Forty, will fit your adult brace, and Mark will be supported by our strong team of Orthodontic Therapists and Nurses.  
Fitting and removing metal braces is a straightforward process – your Orthodontist will use a special metal device to loosen each of the brackets which will pop the braces off in one piece.

No.5 – Location, Location, Location

It is no secret that the cost of various products and services can differ depending on where you live in the country, and it’s no different for orthodontic braces.  That said, Orthodontics For You have two practices local to Birmingham, a relatively central location within the UK, situated in Solihull and Bromsgrove, and the cost of treatment remains the same regardless of which OFY practice you go to.

No.6 – Customisations

With modern metal braces, patients have the option to customise the colour of their brace, and change it again at each alteration appointment (usually every 6 – 8 weeks).  If however you were hoping for a more discreet look then you can have clear/tooth-coloured braces instead.

No.7 – Brace Care

The severity of your initial dental misalignment will affect the amount of time needed to wear your brace – as we mentioned earlier, it can take up to 18 months to straighten your teeth to the desired position with metal braces.  With Orthodontics For You, the cost of your metal brace treatment does not vary for patients who are required to wear their brace for a longer period of time – it is a fixed price whether you wear the brace for 9 months or 18 months!  

In terms of caring for your brace, you will be advised to avoid sugary drinks and crunchy foods such as popcorn, caramels, chewing gum, nuts and apples etc whilst wearing your brace to avoid any damages, but our Patient Co-Ordinators will go through this with you in more detail at your consultation.

Once your brace has been removed, most patients will need to wear a retainer to keep their teeth from moving after they’ve been straightened. Patients may be advised to wear their retainer for a set period of time, day or night, or just at night – your Orthodontist will confirm this within your bespoke treatment plan.

The Grand Total

We want everyone to have the choice to undergo orthodontic treatment which is why we offer both private and NHS treatment services.  Private patients can spread the cost of their treatment over a period of time by taking advantage of our payment plans – click here to take a look at how you could finance your new smile.  

With Orthodontics For You, metal braces start from £2,150 per arch (if both arches require treatment then the cost will be higher, but not usually double).  

Our team understand that you don’t particularly want a brace, but you do want straight teeth.  So if you want to start your journey to a straighter smile, register for your free consultation today and our Patient Co-Ordinators will review your teeth, confirm which brace types will suit your smile and how much you can expect to pay.


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