Brace Yourself Solihull: A Guide to Adult Braces Options

It may seem like an obvious point to make, but it’s not just kids and teenagers who want straighter teeth. In fact, adults are just as keen to improve their dental alignment, if not more so as they have had to live with the insecurities of crooked teeth for a long time.

Many adults feel self-conscious for years and teach themselves all sorts of tricks to hide their crooked smile. Some may even avoid social occasions altogether because they’re unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. But within every group of friends, well over half will either get braces or regret their decision not to later in life. With that in mind, while it may feel a little embarrassing at first, it’s fair to say nobody really cares that you have braces, nor is it likely to be something you regret. So why wouldn’t you seek brace treatment as an adult?


Here’s a guide to adult braces options with Orthodontics For You:


Step 1 – Registering for a Consultation (It’s Free!)

Here at Orthodontics For You, we invite all prospective patients to a consultation to discuss how braces work for adults. At your consultation appointment, you’ll meet one of our qualified orthodontists, who will assess your teeth and discuss your objectives and expectations before recommending suitable adult braces options (metal, ceramic, Invisalign, Incognito or Quiksmile).

With our recommendations and your specific needs and budget in mind, it is your decision as our patient to choose a brace type. We have finance options available for private patients, but more on that later.

From registering your interest for an adult brace and booking your consultation to choosing your brace type and scheduling a day to have your brace fitted, you can expect this process to take anywhere between one and three months (which is considerably faster than alternative options).


Step 2 – Fitting your Brace

When going private, your treatment begins almost immediately, and your choice of brace will be fitted at an appointment with your orthodontist. On the day of your appointment, our experts will prepare your mouth with a scrub to ensure your teeth are squeaky clean and ready for your adult brace.

Adult patients can choose from the following brace types:

 Modern metal braces: Upon fitting your brace, your orthodontist will prepare your teeth, adding bonding ‘‘glue’’ that attaches the metal brackets to the surface of the tooth, before setting the bond. A wire is then placed through the brackets with small elastic bands on either side. That’s it!  

  • Ceramic braces: Very similar to metal braces, ceramic adult braces Solihull have smoother brackets with more rounded edges. They lie flatter against the teeth, making them more comfortable and less bulky.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit over your teeth to gradually move them into the desired position. To create your bespoke aligners, your orthodontist will create 3D images of your jaw using x-rays and scans of your teeth. 
  • Incognito (known as hidden lingual braces):  Your orthodontist will place specks of glue on the brace brackets before inserting them into your mouth all at once using a special tray and fit them on the back of the teeth (closest to the tongue). Your orthodontist will then use UV light to cure the glue to ensure the fixed brace doesn’t move while you’re wearing it. A wire is then fitted to the brackets and then tightened.
  • Quiksmile braces: Only align the teeth you want to straighten (a cost-effective alternative to having a full brace if only your front six or eight teeth need straightening).

Typically speaking, fitting adult braces in Solihull is simple, pain-free and won’t take much longer than half an hour for each row of teeth.

Every patient has different requirements so there isn’t a standard amount of time that you will need to wear your brace as this will differ for every patient.  As a guide, you can expect to wear your brace from 12 to 18 months although the more severe your misalignment, the longer you will need to wear your adult brace.


Step 3 – Check Ups

Whilst wearing your brace, you will be required to visit the OFY practice approximately every 6-8 weeks so that we can tighten the brace to ensure it continues to move your teeth into the correct position.  These appointments tend to last between 30 and 60 minutes, and may cause minor discomfort but this is only temporary and will disappear after a few days.

If you opt for an Invisalign brace, you will not need to visit your orthodontist during your treatment. You will be issued with your series of aligners at your first fitting appointment (in Step 2).


Step 4 – Revealing your New Smile

Once your brace has done its job and your teeth have been moved into their new position, your orthodontist will safely remove your brace to reveal your new smile.

When your brace is removed, the backs of your teeth are cleaned and polished to remove any leftover glue. Then, a permanent wire is fitted to the backs of your teeth to help hold them in their new position. At this stage of your journey, you will also be fitted with a retainer.

The removal process is simple and takes around 15-30 minutes, leaving you with a beautiful smile.


A Few Things You Should Know…

  1.       Given that the quality of NHS treatment has largely improved, you may wonder what’s the point of considering private treatment? However, with an estimated 250,000+ patients needing braces each year, it can put a lot of strain on the service. Plus, most adults aren’t eligible for NHS treatment. Click here to learn more about who is eligible and how to apply for braces on the NHS.
  2.       Private patients can spread the cost of their adult brace treatment in Solihull over a period of time by taking advantage of our payment plans. We’ve listed our orthodontic treatment costs here on our website, as well as information on our monthly direct debit payment options.
  3.       Once your brace is off you can truly flaunt your new straight teeth by using our home teeth whitening solution. This is the last step on your journey with Orthodontics For You and it is completely optional. But we do find that patients are usually so pleased with the results that they want to show off their teeth to their full potential. At Orthodontics For You, teeth whitening is painless and affordable. 

While undertaking an excellent daily cleaning ritual will keep your teeth healthy and sparkling, it’s impossible to correct a misalignment without a helping hand. Choosing the right dental treatment is an essential step on your journey to a straighter smile. If you’re considering orthodontic brace treatment, click here and register for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.



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