5 reasons why having braces as an adult will change your life

Slowly but surely, more and more adults are challenging the stereotype that braces are only for teenagers or goofy television characters.  The fact is, whether your 17 or 77, the perfect smile really can change your life.

Compared to veneers or implants, braces are a natural way to get the smile you’ve always wanted

Undeniably, veneers or implants can improve the look of your smile. However, they can be extremely expensive and, once you chose this type of treatment, there’s no turning back!

Both veneers and implants are permanent, long-term dental treatments that require ongoing care and maintenance.  Luckily, braces are a brilliant alternative and you won’t need to wave goodbye to your natural teeth.  Braces are a temporary solution for correcting crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw with long-lasting results.  Not only that, but braces won’t affect the health of your natural teeth either – in fact, they will protect them and improve your overall dental health.

Enjoy your food

Braces aren’t just for straightening your teeth, you know?  If you have an overbite or misalignment in your jaw, it’s possible that you don’t chew your food properly and end up swallowing large pieces. Braces can correct these issues, re-aligning your jaw and helping improve digestion.

Fight against gum disease

Caused by a build-up of plaque on your teeth, gum disease is a result of poor oral health such as infrequent brushing and flossing.  Over time the built-up plaque hardens, causing soreness in your gums and bleeding – it can even result in tooth loss.  Opting for a brace will not only help create the smile of your dreams, but it will re-align your teeth too, improving your oral health by minimising the risk of plaque build-up and gum disease as you can thoroughly clean every inch of every tooth.

Improve long-term oral health

Aesthetics aside, our teeth are fundamental in helping us with simple day-to-day activities that we’re all guilty of taking for granted – eating and drinking, speaking and smiling for example.  With straightened teeth and an aligned jaw, we can chew food properly, brush and floss correctly and avoid a speech impairment.

Confidence, confidence, confidence!

Our teeth are a part of us that are always on show – when we’re talking, posing for a photo or tucking into our favourite meal at our favourite restaurant. The truth is, even those that shy away from activities like these and try to cover their smile cannot do this all of the time.  Improving your smile can dramatically change your life with a new-found confidence, helping you to feel better about yourself.

If it’s aesthetics you’re concerned about, the good news is the traditional ‘train track’ braces we all know are not the only option anymore. Nor are braces forever.  Invisalign or lingual braces are a hidden treatment solution that move your teeth into the correct positions without anyone even knowing.

It is never too late to get your smile straight.

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