Lingual Braces in Solihull

Traditional metal braces have long been the standard choice for correcting misaligned teeth and other orthodontic issues. However, because they are conspicuous, they can be a concern for many patients seeking a more discreet treatment option. But thanks to lingual braces, Solihull patients now have a subtle and convenient way of achieving that perfect smile… we won’t tell if you won’t!

At Orthodontics For You, we understand the importance of providing our patients with innovative solutions for their orthodontic needs. That’s why we are proud to offer lingual braces as an alternative for achieving a straighter smile, helping patients benefit from effective Solihull orthodontics without having to worry about their appearance during brace treatment. In fact we are a platinum provider of lingual braces, and one of the largest lingual brace practices in the UK!


What Are Lingual Braces?

Also known as hidden or incognito braces, lingual braces function in a similar way to metal braces. They exert gradual pressure on the teeth, encouraging them to move into the desired position over time. However, what sets lingual braces apart is that they are fitted to the back of the teeth (on the tongue, also known as lingual, side of the mouth), making them virtually invisible from the outside. As a result, patients can undergo orthodontic treatment with confidence and without drawing attention to the fact they are wearing braces.

Moreover, lingual braces also offer an added benefit of convenience as they minimise the risk of damage typically associated with traditional braces. Because they are positioned on the inner surfaces of the teeth, they help reduce the risk of accidental breakage or discomfort caused by external factors. This is particularly advantageous for anyone with a physically active lifestyle.

Whether you’re a teenager worried about how braces might affect your appearance or an adult seeking a discreet solution for your misaligned teeth, having lingual braces fitted is a subtle way of achieving a beautifully aligned smile.


The Process

Getting lingual braces starts with a consultation at Orthodontics For You. Once we have examined your teeth, we’ll create a bespoke treatment plan to improve your smile and boost your confidence.

Before we can fit your customised lingual brace, we’ll need to take impressions and 3D-images of your teeth. Using these impressions and images, we’ll create custom-made brackets and wires to fit the contours of your mouth.

When your custom lingual brace is ready, we’ll invite you back into the practice to have your hidden brace fitted. To do so, our orthodontists will bond the brackets to the back surfaces of the teeth using a dental adhesive, before threading a thin archwire through each of the brackets. The brackets and wire work in conjunction with one another to exert a gradual pressure to move your teeth to the desired positions.

Once the treatment is complete, the lingual braces will be removed and any residual glue is meticulously cleaned and polished.. A very small and discreet permanent wire is then fitted to the back of your teeth by way of maintaining the new alignment of your smile. You will receive a temporary retainer for ongoing maintenance too.

While the duration of treatment typically spans between 12 and 24 months, many patients report seeing results after the first few months of wearing lingual braces.


Benefits of Lingual Braces

Thanks to the way in which they are fitted to your teeth, lingual or incognito braces in Solihull offer various benefits. If you are seeking discreet yet effective orthodontic treatment, here’s why lingual braces might be the ideal solution for you:

1. Inconspicuous appearance

Similar to Invisalign Solihull, one of the primary benefits of lingual braces is their discreet nature. Unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are affixed to the back surfaces of the teeth, rendering them virtually invisible to onlookers. This feature will allow you to undergo orthodontic treatment without drawing attention to your teeth or braces, so you won’t have to worry about their appearance.

2. Treatment versatility

Lingual braces are highly versatile and can effectively address various teeth misalignment issues including overcrowding, gaps, overbites, underbites and crossbites. Whether your orthodontic issues are mild or complex, these braces will provide a comprehensive solution and result in optimal dental alignment and symmetry.

3. Customisation options

Another notable benefit of lingual braces is their customisability. Each set of lingual braces can be tailor-made to fit the unique contours of your teeth. This ensures optimal comfort and effectiveness throughout the treatment process. It’s worth mentioning that this personalised approach allows our orthodontists to address specific dental concerns with precision, enhancing the overall treatment outcome.

4. Reduced speech interference

Lingual braces are also effective at minimising speech interference compared to other types of braces. Because lingual braces are positioned behind the teeth, they typically have less impact on speech patterns. This is particularly beneficial for anyone who relies heavily on clear speech in their personal or professional lives as they can undergo orthodontic treatment without any significant alteration to their pronunciation..

5. See the results as they happen

We have already touched on this, but with these adult braces in Solihull, patients witness the gradual improvements in their smile without the hindrance of visible brackets and wires, and after only a few months of their treatment beginning.

In addition, the way in which they are positioned on the back of your teeth will enable your orthodontist to closely monitor the transformation in your smile, facilitating any necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible result.


At Orthodontics For You, we firmly believe in making top-tier orthodontic care accessible to all. To ensure that everyone can benefit from our services, we provide a variety of payment plans including interest-free options. This enables patients to embark on their brace treatment journey without having to break the bank.

If you are interested in exploring the advantages of hidden braces in Solihull, get in touch and we can devise a treatment plan as unique as you are that meets both your dental needs and financial capabilities.

Rather than an upfront payment, we offer the flexibility to spread the cost of your orthodontic treatment over the duration of your care, making it more manageable and affordable.

Should you have any queries regarding our treatment plans or payment alternatives, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Orthodontics For You. We will be happy to address your concerns and ensure that your path to a straighter, healthier smile is both accessible and tailored to your individual circumstances.


Transform Your Smile with Lingual Braces

The benefits of lingual hidden braces extend far beyond their discreet appearance. From their versatility in treating various misalignment issues to their customisation options and reduced speech interference, lingual braces are a reliable and comprehensive way of achieving a straighter smile with minimal disruption to your daily life.

With Orthodontics For You, accessible and high-quality orthodontic care is within reach. Get in touch with our team today so you can finally start your journey towards a beautifully straight smile! If you have any questions, please use our contact details below or fill out the form on this page.


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